Estonian FullGospel Church

The Estonian Fullgospel Church was founded in Kohtla-Jarve in 1993. A small group of believers began to gather to pray and study Word of God. Bishop Oleg Pronin regularly came to ministry, and in 1999 he completely moved to town Kohtla-Jarve. Over the years of ministry the church grew from 12 people to 250. The church sent missionaries and started new congregation in Estonia. Today the unification of the Estonian Full Gospel Church includes 12 churches in Estonia, a church in Ukraine in Kiev, a church in England in Manchester and a church in the Lugansk region in Antratsy.

Youth generation

Children, youth, teenage

We love and value every generation, but children, youth and teenagers occupy a special place in our church. We hold summer camps, children's festivals, and youth holidays for them! Every summer more 200 children and youth have amazing time in our church camp!

Testimony from mom

"Oleg, good afternoon!  I would like to say a huge thank you for the teen ministry.  My son started visiting them and now does it regularly.  Yesterday before going to bed, we talked with him as usual and he talked about how the ode to the song and the sermon touched him.  Inside, God was doing His work. With us, he especially feels the presence of God, God visits him." Julia

Caring for people in need

Hot food, Rehabilitation Center, social service

Many members of our church were addicted to alcohol and drugs in the past. But God miraculously saved them and set them free. Today these are happy families, ministers and businessmen who have a burning desire to help the same people as they were before. The church feeds poor people and helps addicted people in a rehabilitation center.

Testimony from Sergei

Hello, my name is Sergey.  I came from Ukraine as a war refugee.  For many years in my life I was dependent on alcohol.  One winter I was so drunk that I froze in the snow.  The doctors amputated both of my hands.  Then I came to church, met Jesus and my whole life changed.  God freed me from alcohol, I got married, my family in the church today, and I serve people in Estonia.  Thank you very much Jesus!

Mission Fields

We believe in Jesus commission: Go, and preach the Gospel

We believe, God call our church send
missioners, for preach Gospel. And we
grateful to God, who bless us start
new churches in Estonia, and other

Testimony from Sergei and Katia

Hello! My name is Sergei and my wife name is Katia. In the our past we been addict from drug. Our lifes was destroid. But we meet Jesus in Kohtla-Jarve Estonian Church. He saved us, and give freedom from addiction. Today our family serve the Lord. We have 2 nice son. Now we are missioner from our church in thr place own Sompa. Here we led small congregation, and believe for much people will be saved! God bless you!

The new building for church

Repair and renovation of the building

In March 2023, our church bought the building.  We dreamed about it and prayed, believed and are very grateful to God that now we have our own building where we can serve God.  This is a beautiful building with 2 floors and 2520 square meters of area.  The building is in the city center. In front of it is a large city square, where city holidays, Christmas, Easter, and fairs are held.
The building has its own adjacent territory, where can do Christian events, children's parties, festivals, fairs, etc. can be held.Our project, the 2nd floor of this building will be intended for teenage children and youth.  There will be a Sunday school and several meeting rooms, youth and teenage club. We want to open opportunities for children in our city to come and spend their time every day The 1st floor will be used for church services.

The entire building cost us 285,000 usd, and thank God, we have already paid 110,000 usd out of this amount.  We still have a debt of 175,000 usd and we believe that God will help us pay it off.

In Jule 2024 we want to completely move into our building, and for this we need to renovate the sewerage and plumbing.  It will cost 16,000 usd.  For this money we can make toilets for children, and everything related to water and heating.  Then it is need 11,000 usd to renovate 3 classrooms for Sunday school.  Buy furniture, make ceilings, install carpet, change doors.  And another need 10,000 usd to renovate the worship hall, buy sound equipment, and carry out electrical work.

Full amount for the renovation of the first floor and for the renovation of sewerage and water supply with toilets in our building is - 36 000 USD

We humbly request that if you can help us with any amount for these projects, we will be very grateful to you.  We will send you all the necessary reports on the work performed!  We wish you God's blessings in everything and good health!

I believe that each of us can be the reason for good changes in the destinies of many people. Because our savior Jesus once died for every person and gave us life with God

Bishop Oleg Pronin
Estonian Fullgospel Church

Our Roadmap

2023 Buy building, 
2024 July, Renovate move to 2 floor
2024 November, Renovate move to 1 floor
2025 February, The opening ceremony
2025 - 2026 Full repayment of the loan to the bank


Eesti Täisevangeelne Kirik
Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn