• Manna Mission
    • Thanks to God for Mission Europa and br.Ole Bjorn for help our Manna by food and clothe. Bless gift! Here is our friends Kay and Oywind.Друзья из Норвегии помогли продуктами и одеждой. - View on Facebook
      5 дней ago
    • Dear friends mission Manna, thanks for supporting. Today we buy food for poor people - View on Facebook
      1 неделя ago
    • Thanks Tostel Gustav and Baltic aid mission, dear friends for help.We are bless! Спасибо друзьям из Норвегии за помощь - View on Facebook
      3 недели ago
    • Thanks dear friends from mission Europa for helping! Спасибо друзьям из миссии Европа за помощь - View on Facebook
      4 недели ago
    • We buy canned meat for mission manna - View on Facebook
      1 месяц ago